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About Us

Every provider of higher education qualifications has long been working to improve the fairness of access to the education they provide.


Despite this, different groups of people in the UK still experience Higher Education differently, both in terms of numbers of people getting to university and in terms of what happens next.


At Writtle University College our mission is:


'Transforming lives and the environment through inspiring education.'


To show our commitment to this, we have proudly enshrined our objectives in our Access and Participation plan as:

  • Representative access by 2035
  • Equal continuation by 2035     

  • Equal attainment by 2030 

  • Equal progression by 2035


This website aims to guide you through what our ambition means for schools and their students looking at university.

Our APP Plan - Access 

White working-class males form a substantial part of the community not accessing our courses, and this is not a unique issue.


A report from the National Education Opportunity Network (NEON) found that more than half of Universities in England have fewer that 5% of white working-class students in their intakes.


This is why two of our access targets are focused on this specific group;

We will seek to build sustained partnerships with a small number of additional schools and colleges in areas in low participation neighbourhoods, and/or with high proportions of

white working class and BAME pupils relative to the local area. We will begin this process in 2018-19, using our own networks and those available through the NCOP.

We will use our expertise and facilities in sports studies to engage with a larger white, working-class male

audience, building local partnerships with sports clubs and organisations to support this engagement.

Meet The Team  


Alex Williams

Widening Participation and Outreach Officer

Rachel Meads

Head of Recruitment and Marketing


Millie Price 


Marketing and Recruitment Officer 


Kaile-Louise Sherry

Marketing and Recruitment Assistant

Dr Greg Deacon


Head of School (Animal and Human Sciences) 

Writtle University College Student Ambassadors

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