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Going To University

Deciding whether or not to apply to university is a big decision, and the application process can seem daunting to students and their families with no prior experience of higher education. However you should not worry, universities want to encourage students to apply not scare them away!

There a plenty of staff and student volunteers on hand at your chosen institution who want to help you through the process. They want to make it as stress free as possible and make your first steps towards your next chapter in life positive ones.


There is so much advice on applying to university it can be difficult to know where to start. Click below to see a list of resources that we feel give a good overview of post-18 choices, how to apply and student finance.


With so many different higher education providers to choose from it can be difficult to know where to start. Click here to download our higher education shopping list and start planning what you want for your university experience.


When researching university you may encounter words you are unfamiliar with, making the whole process seem more confusing. Click below to see our guide to understanding the language of higher education.

If you you have any questions and need to get in touch with our admissions team you can contact them by clicking the button below.



It is hard to turn on the television and not be bombarded with scary news about student finance and debt. The phrase ‘Student debt’ can send a jolt of fear into the hearts of many students and their families, but the application and repayment process is not as complicated as it may seem.

The resources on this page aim to explain what student finance is, how to apply and debunk some myths and misconceptions on how the repayment process work once you have graduated.

Please download our accommodation booklet to find out more about our accommodation


Are you looking at a university course with us and need guidance on student finance?  Download our guide for information on how and when to apply for student finance,  information on maintenance loans and much more.

We appreciate that not every prospective student will have someone who is able to guide them through the application process. Click below to see a list of resources dedicated to groups who may need additional support to access higher education.



If you you have any questions and need to get in touch with our student finance team you can contact them by clicking the button below.


Once you have applied to university it's time to think about where you are going to live. 
If you have chosen to study locally then you have the option of living at home and commuting. If you have chosen to study away from home you will need to stay in university accommodation or private student housing.
At Writtle University College we have 382 rooms available in 14 Halls of Residence on the main campus.

If you have any issues when living on campus you can always go to the Accommodation Office. The staff can provide advice and guidance on accommodation matters both on and off-campus, as well as processing halls applications and providing details of available off campus accommodation. 


Our Accommodation Guide gives information on what's provided in halls, prices, where our halls are located on campus and much more.

Why not take a virtual tour of our accommodation?




If you you have any questions and need to get in touch with our accommodation team you can contact them by clicking the button below.

Frequently asked questions

How and When do I Apply for Student Loans?

You can apply online through It can take 6-8 weeks to process an application, so you need to apply as soon as possible once applications have opened (usually late Feb/March each year), to ensure that your loan is in place before you commence studies. An online account has to be set up, and it will assist you greatly if you have a valid passport and national insurance number. Please note – undergraduate students need to apply for a loan each academic year, originally as a new student, and then as a continuing student for future academic years.

What Parental Assistance is Required When Applying for Student Loans?

If a student wishes to apply for a maintenance loan, confirmation of household income will be required. Parents should receive an email within 24 hours of the student applying, with a link to enable you to submit your household income details. You will however need to create your own account at this point. It is really important that your income details are sent quickly, as any delay in submitting the details, will delay the approval of the tuition fee loan application and may affect the amount of maintenance loan approved. Once all information is received, the application is then fully assessed and an entitlement letter is sent to the student, which needs to be brought into University on commencement of studies.

What Extra Financial Help is Available?

Full time students with either children or dependant adults may be able to get extra financial help through the website, as you can apply for: Childcare Grant – Which can assist with course related costs if you have dependant children. Parents Learning Allowance – Which can assist with childcare costs whilst studying. Adult Dependants Grant – Which can assist if you are financially responsible for another adult. A Disabled Students Allowance is also available to students with a disability or a long term health condition. Most universities will also offer bursaries and scholarships to support students during their studies. For more information on the bursaries and scholarships WUC offers please visit: