Choosing a University

During the final year of my college diploma we had a few talks, put on by the institution, about what we wanted to do in the future and what our next steps would be to achieve our goals. I wasn't really thinking much about what I wanted to do job-wise, let alone if I wanted go to university. That was until one of my teachers said I should just go to a university talk that the college would be holding. A few friends and I attended the lecture, where they told us what our next steps would be if we chose the university pathway and how to apply on UCAS.

I went home after this lecture and it got me thinking about what I wanted to do with my future and what I wanted to do after college. Later that evening I had a discussion with my mum and realised that possibly I did want to go to university. We spent the evening looking up a few Universities and creating my UCAS profile. I had a couple friends who had gone to Writtle University College the year before, so I decided to look into the courses Writtle offered.

I was really interested in the BSc (Hons) Equine Performance and Business Management course, so my friend and I booked a taster day for later that month. A few weeks passed then we travelled up to Essex. We were given so much information on the courses that we were interested in and were impressed by what Writtle had to offer, especially the smaller class sizes allowing for more 1:1 teaching. After completing this degree, I can say that this is true!

In all honesty I made up my mind that I wanted to study at Writtle while I was still there on that taster day. I decided I didn't need to go and visit any other universities as the course they were offering felt like a perfect fit for me! I later applied for a place on the course and was given a conditional offer, provided I was able to meet the grade requirements needed for the course. Once I graduated college with a triple distinction star, it gave me the key to the next door, which was university! I had my place accepted and a start date given!

Since completing my degree at Writtle, I have decided to stay on to complete a masters in Equine Performance Science. Without my lecturer from college and then the support of Writtle University College I would have not thought that I would be where I am now completing a postgraduate qualification.

My advice to students thinking about their next steps is to, go on taster days and open days and don’t be afraid to ask questions or to go to a university where your friends aren’t going. Do what is best for you! You’ll thank yourself later!

Written by Mae Harkness

MSc Equine Performance Science Student

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