Making my Student Accommodation a Home

Due to Writtle University College being about 2 hours away from home it was logical for me to move into the university accommodation. Before university, I attended a college where I had to live there for one week every three weeks (it was an agricultural college and we stayed there to take care of the horses). Because of doing this I felt confident moving into the university accommodation; I feel that I am a pretty independent person.

When I first moved into the room it was so open, and felt like a big scary step to start my university experience. My initial thought was I don’t want to live here, it’s a big blank room and I didn’t know any of the people along my corridor. It was a big change from living at home and I felt alone once my family had gone home after helping me move in.

Once all my stuff was moved in I could design the room how I liked. I moved the bed to make the room seem cosier, and once I had my bedding down it was like the cherry on the cake. It didn’t seem so big and open anymore it started to look more like a bedroom. I have a lot of stuff, so I was happy that the room was so big. It is nice to have a room you like going to because when living at university, your room is your own place in a sense. There are many areas you can go to, e.g. the canteen, the common areas and even the library but your room is the one place you can go to relax and catch some alone time or have friends over and almost take a break from work!

When moving my things around the room I tried to keep my desk area mainly for university work and the shelving units saved mainly for toiletries (shampoo and conditioners). My bed area and the draws had my bedding and a TV for some down time. It was good to have different areas within the room, so you aren’t just starting at four walls.

Once I was moved in and the room felt much more homely it made my experience at university more fun. I made friends with people along my corridor who I am now very close with, and it made me think how happy I am to be living here with a sense of independence!

I lived in university accommodation for all three years of my degree and I loved it. Yes it was nerve racking for the first week as it was all so new, but give it time, you meet some incredible people and having a room that you can make your own is so nice.

My recommendation is if you are struggling or worrying about living away from home in accommodation, talk to someone! Talk to the warden, the lovely ladies from the accommodation office or the SU (Student Union), you’ll most likely find that you aren’t the only person feeling that way! They will be able to help and answer any questions you may have.


Mae Harkness

3rd Year Equine Performance and Business Management Student


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