Ready Set Pack: Getting Ready for University

Every fresher that moves into student accommodation brings so much more than is needed, its kind of a right of passage. But trust me you don’t need to pack up your whole room because in reality you don’t need everything!

When I started university I was one of the freshers that brought my whole room and boy it was such a bad idea. By the end of university had brought so much stuff that if it wasn’t for going home due to COVID-19 and taking a small car rather than the train, I would have had to take two trips. Which I wouldn’t recommend when you live over 4 hours away!


When packing for university you need to be really harsh.

  • If you haven’t used it in a month will you really need it at university.

  • You do not need to do a big clothing shop before you go!

  • Ask in your freshers chat what is already provided, such as a microwave toaster, mattress etc...

  • Read the accommodation agreement form as this will tell you what your allowed/not allowed like candles, kettles and irons.

There are some essentials that you will need to buy or bring from home for your bedroom things such as

  • Mattress protector - Remember lots of people have had your room before you.

  • Duvet/pillows - These are essential as they are not provided (but first find out if you have a double or single bed). You will need at least two for when the other one is being washed.

  • Hangers for your wardrobe - However don’t bring loads as this will encourage you to fill them and the wardrobe space isn’t massive.

For your bathroom I would recommend things such as:

  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, facial washes, as well as shower things such as shower gel, shampoo and conditioner.

  • Towels are important - If you are in shared bathrooms I would recommend getting a shower robe or extra large towel.

  • Shower sliders/Flip-flops - You will most likely be sharing the shower with a few people so this is the most hygienic thing to do.

  • A wash bag - Something to carry all your bathroom products in will be very helpful. This means that everything will be kept together when moving it from your room to the bathroom.

Other things you may not of thought about bringing:

  • Extension cable - These are essential as you are not provided with a lot of plugs.

  • Printer - If you are able to bring a printer it can help a lot with revision. However, I personally used the university printers as you are able to put money on your student card to print straight from your computer.

  • Speakers - This isn’t essential but it is great for social events and parties!

Things you really do not need:

  • Your whole closet - You will go home during the holidays and can bring your clothes home and change them for different seasons.

  • Every ornament in your room - Yes take photos and things to remind you of home but if you bring too many you will have no room on your desk for actual university work.


Written by Alysha Grief

1st year BSc Animal Management

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