Writtle and Work: Working Whilst Studying

Not everyone gets the highest loan and that’s okay. Not everyone has parents who can fund them throughout the year and that is okay. Lots of people have to earn money whilst studying, as that is the only way they can provide for themselves.

I personally worked as much as I could when I was at university and only gave myself the weekends off. However, this isn’t for everyone and some people would rather work only weekends. Do whatever fits you best, there is no right or wrong way to work whilst studying.


Tips for working whilst studying:

  1. Don’t over work - Give yourself time off. Working 24/7 will not help with your studies as you will wear yourself out.

  2. If you have to work find something that will work around your university commitments.

  3. Find a job that will be happy to let you have your holidays - These are important as you need rest days/weeks due to all the work that you will get from university

  4. I would recommend pub work, McDonald's (don’t knock it till you have tried it) or finding a job in your chosen career path such as weekend yard work or dog walker.


Finding a job that works around your study’s is the best option. I personally worked at McDonald's.

When I first went to university MacDonald's was the last place I would have chosen to work at, but it turns out that they are extremely accommodating to students. They will work around your schedule and you pick when you can work so you have time to study and be with friends.

During my first year studying at university I tried to work too much in the first semester and decided to cut my hours in the second. I was always tired and couldn’t be bothered to go to lectures. This isn’t what you want when you are working at university as ultimately you are there to study not to work 24/7. Its vital that you find balance between working to fund yourself and studying for your degree.

The prospect of having to work while at university can put some people off but don't worry you will still really enjoy your time at university just as much as someone who doesn’t have to work.


Written by Alysha grief

1st year BSc Animal Management


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