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Taste of Sport

Welcome to the Taste of Sport programme. Developed by our experienced lecturers from the Sports Science Department, this free online study support resource is designed to aid to complement and enrich the GCSE PE curriculum. 

Here you will find a series of six videos, each lasting for around twenty minutes. 

The programme features a series of six videos, each lasting around twenty minutes. In this bite-size format, you'll be able to cover the following topics : 
•    Lower Limb Anatomy with Sport Injuries 
•    Current Issues - the Benefits of Role Models 
•    Football Skills Development 
•    Components of Fitness 
•    Fitness Testing 
•    Hydration

Click on 'watch now' on any of the boxes below to access the corresponding episode. 

Episode 1 - Lower Limb Anatomy with Sport Injuries

Episode 2 -  Current Issues: The Benefits of Role Models


Episode 3 - Football Skills Development Ft. Leyton Orient FC

Episode 4 - Components of Fitness

Episode 5 - Fitness Testing: Power

Episode 6 - Hydration