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Welcome to Taste of Sport programme from Writtle University College. 

This programme features a series of six videos, each lasting for around twenty minutes, covering a range of topics. Developed by the experienced lecturers from within Writtle University College's Sports Department, these pre-recorded sessions are specifically created for Year 10 upwards. The bite-size format is ideal to help complement the delivery of PE lessons and enrich the GCSE PE curriculum. 

The six-part programme covers the following topics: 
•    Lower Limb Anatomy with Sport Injuries 
•    Current Issues - the Benefits of Role Models 
•    Football Skills Development 
•    Components of Fitness 
•    Fitness Testing 
•    Hydration

Click on 'watch now' on any of the boxes below to access the corresponding episode. 

Episode 1 - Lower Limb Anatomy with Sport Injuries

Episode 2 -  Current Issues: The Benefits of Role Models


Episode 3 - Football Skills Development Ft. Leyton Orient FC

Episode 4 - Components of Fitness

Episode 5 - Fitness Testing: Power

Episode 6 - Hydration